ESR1: Tackling emerging compounds in WWTP’s


To evaluate sustainable and innovative wastewater treatment technologies to improve the removal efficiency of microcontaminants. The proposed technologies will be a combination of biological processes such as membrane biological reactors (MBR) with polishing stages such as advanced oxidation processes (AOP), activated carbon and bioelctrochemical systems (BES) or MBR with bioaugmentation.

Expected Results:

So far, several technologies have been evaluated for the removal of emerging pollutants. The partners of this project have experience on several of these technologies. AQUAFIN (together with Ghent University) developed and validated the BioMAC concept which couples an in-situ regenerative biological activated carbon filter followed by a microfiltration unit. UdG have proven the removal efficiency of emerging compounds with advanced treatments, such as integrated membrane systems (MBR+NF/RO) and AOP, individually. It is expected that after evaluating different combinations of technologies the ESR will be able to propose more sustainable solutions for microcontaminants removal. Hence, the ESR will conduct a holistic evaluation in terms of technological (removal efficiencies and most relevant design and operational conditions), costs, and environmental aspects, for the different combinations of technologies, also exploring the potential for water reuse.