Dr. Alessio Fenu
Dr. Alessio Fenu Research Scientist Aquafin Ph: 0032-(0)34504078

Dr. Alessio Fenu

Research Scientist

Dr. Fenu Alessio is a research engineer working at the R&D department of Aquafin, wastewater treatment operator of Flanders (Belgium). He holds a BSc-MSc in Civil engineering, an MSc in Water Treatment Engineering, a PhD in bio-Engineering. Dr. Fenu has a strong ground in membrane bio-reactors research and operations, Activated Sludge Modelling, Anammox technology, nutrients removal and related control algorithms development. Since 2013, with joining the EU funded Minotaurus (Microorganism and enzyme Immobilization: Novel Techniques and Approaches for Upgraded Remediation of Underground, wastewater and Soil) project, he is involved in micro-pollutants bio-reclamation related investigations. His research activities have resulted in 14 international peer-reviewed publications (H-index 6) and book chapters, 13 national and international conference proceedings, 6 European projects as both principal investigator, co-investigator and supervisor. He supervises MSc and BSc thesis, and a PhD thesis within the EU funded Treatrec project.

Dr. Fenu works at the edge between applied research and full scale processes. From his chair, he offers technological support to operations of several full scale WWTPs, SBRs and MBRs. Since 2010 he joined Aquaplus, starting up intense activity of commercial consultancy for water related national and international projects.

Relevant publications (related to TreatRec project)

Fenu A., Donckels B., Beffa T., Bemfohr C., Weemaes M., (2015). Evaluating the application of Microbacterium so. Strain BR1 for the removal of sulfamethoxazole in full-scale MBRs. Water Science & Technology, 72, 10, 1754-1761.

Fenu A., Hofmann U., De Gussem K., Beffa T., Bemfohr C., Weemaes M. and Schlosser D., (2016). Evaluating the application of Phoma sp. UHH 5-1-03 for the degradation of Carbamazepine and Diclofenac in full-scale membrane bioreactors. Submitted.

Fenu A., Hofmann U., Beffa T., Bemfohr C., Weemaes M. and Schlosser D., (2016). Upscaling a municipal MBR with Phoma sp. inoculation for the degradation of Carbamazepine and Diclofenac. Accepted in 18th EWA International Symposium“ Challenges arising from Micro-pollutants in wastewater, water and environment”, Munich (Germany).



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