Dr. Peter Daldorph
Dr. Peter Daldorph Principal Consultant Atkins

Dr. Peter Daldorph

Principal Consultant

Peter Daldorph is a Principal Consultant with fifteen years' experience in environmental consultancy, seven years' experience in the water industry (Anglian Water) and five years' experience in academia (University of Sussex). He combines skills in freshwater ecology and limnology, hydrology, water quality modelling, catchment management and regulation.

Peter has developed several water quality, water resources and hydrological models which have been widely used in environmental planning, including the Integrated Lake and Catchment (ILC – river basin management), RIVER-IMPACT (urban pollution management) and PAYSER (reservoir water quality exceedance). He is currently lead developer of the Source Apportionment GIS tool; a key national water quality planning tool commissioned by UKWIR and the Environment Agency.

Key Experience

Lead developer of the SAGIS water quality planning tool.

  • Ÿ Limnologist at Anglian Water coordinating lake management, monitoring and scientific analysis of reservoir data
  • Ÿ Wide range of water quality modelling and catchment management studies
  • Ÿ Water resources and hydrological investigations
  • Ÿ Water quality assessment in China
  • Ÿ Project management of a wide range of modelling and catchment studies



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