Pau Gimeno Melià
Pau Gimeno Melià ESR 5 Catalan Institute for Water Research, ICRA Ph: +34 972 183 380 F: +34 972 183 248

Pau Gimeno Melià


Pau Gimeno graduated in civil engineering from Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). He obtained his Msc in Water resources engineering (IUPWARE) from KU Leuven and Vrije Universiteit Brussels (Belgium), where he developed his Msc Thesis with the title “Use of Surrogate Modeling Techniques to replace Integrated Water Quality Models”.

As for his professional experience, he has worked as project engineer at different environmental consulting firms in both Spain and Belgium, supervising the construction and design of a wastewater treatment plant and sewer system as well as setting up databases and modeling of urban sewer and rain water systems.

In the framework of the TreatRec project, he will be working on modeling of WWTP upgrading to remove emerging pollutants from a holistic point of view (multicriteria analysis). The output of his research will be an Environmental Decision Support System capable to assess sustainability and technical feasibility of proposed measures and a set of recommendations to decision-makers which will come along with an uncertainty range to make more qualified decisions.



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