Dr. Paola Verlicchi
Dr. Paola Verlicchi Assistant Professor Department of Engineering University of Ferrara Ph: +39 0532 974938 F: +39 0532 974870

Dr. Paola Verlicchi

Assistant Professor

Paola Verlicchi obtained her degree in Chemical Engineering (with honors) and her PhD in Safety and Environmental Chemical Engineering from the University of Bologna (Italy).
She then carried postdoctoral research at the University of Ferrara (Italy). She currently is an Assistant Professor in Environmental and Sanitary Engineering at the Department of Engineering of the University of Ferrara and Responsible of the Environmental and Sanitary Research Group within Terra & Acqua Technopole of the same University.
Her main research fields refer to management and treatment of domestic and industrial wastewaters and reuse of reclaimed water. In the last years her studies were mainly devoted to the occurrence and removal of persistent compounds (pharmaceuticals) in the urban water cycle, in management and treatment of hospital effluent and the assessment of the environmental risk due to the presence of pharmaceuticals in the different aquatic environments.
She is Author of about 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications in SCI journals, book chapters, proceedings of international and national conferences. She is also co-Author, with Prof. Masotti, of a technical manual on treatment of wastewaters of small communities, published by Hoepli (in italian).


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Research gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Paola_Verlicchi


Relevant publications

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Verlicchi, P., A. Galletti, M. Petrovic, and D. Barceló. 2010. Hospital Effluents as a Source of Emerging Pollutants: An Overview of Micropollutants and Sustainable Treatment Options. Journal of Hydrology 389 (3-4): 416-428.



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