This is a rant about the Spanish internet providers and which craziness I faced to browse YouTube and Facebook from the safety of my home. After recently moving to Spain I took a lovely flat for to finish my Ph.D. The flat came with many useful utilities, but the internet had not been included so I needed to find a provider myself. At no point then did I imagine that ordering Internet in Spain will take me on an Odyssey of three frustrating months.

I am just back from three intense days in Leuven where I attended the MCAA General Assembly together with my TreatRec colleague Yaroslav. It was a really great experience that far surpassed my expectations; let's be honest, elections of the board did not sound that exciting to me, but the GA had so much more to offer than that! First of all I met an inspiring crowd of devoted young researchers from different disciplines and, since this is the MCAA, from a vast number of countries. There were also sessions on topics spanning from protection of intellectual property to science communication to how to balance professional and personal life in a research career.

It has been a while since my last technical blog entry, so this month I thought I would give an update on my work concerning resilience modelling.