24 April 2017

Modelling Risk

As it happens with newspapers and scientific journals, the title of the article is essential to capture the reader’s attention. In fact, when I get into the TED talks website -if you don’t know what this is, I highly recommend you to google it- the title of the talk decides entirely what I watch.

Humans adapt fast. With the advent of internet and its great services came a new philosophy of trust. Before we were trusting in institutions, for example a reputable hotel or taxis approved by the government. Now we happily rent a room in the apartment of some dude with a lot of likes on Airbnb. Or we decide to go on a road trip of several hundred kilometres with a stranger suggested by Blablacar. The paradigm of trust is changing in a beautiful way with technology. Yet we have to take care about the arrival of crowd-sourced trust. If left unsupervised this celebration of faith can turn sour for us both as service providers and clients in the future.

Before starting this project, everyone had warned me about the drawbacks of pursuing a PhD: “a PhD is very hard”, “you will have to work during the weekends”, “publishing articles is very difficult”, “you need to select carefully your research topic, otherwise it will become too tough”, “you will be much older than the rest of PhD students and you will finish it even older, are you sure u want to start one now?”. However, no one told me that sometimes I was going to feel alone during the PhD. Yes, discovering that feeling was a great surprise for me.