I recently got back the evaluation of my second year interview with the Doctoral School. The committee gave me a good note and stated that “the student shows a very good attitude towards the difficulties associated with the realization of a European industrial doctorate”. I took this as a great compliment and a correct analysis of the situation. Despite my supervisors positive words about my progress I currently feel like I am dragging myself through mud.

In the modern age it is quite common to come across people with mental disease. Or, at least this is how the society define them. Indeed we need to label (or maybe we should use “to tag” since we are in the era of the social network!) the others, we need to find a “name” which can allow us to distinguish between ourselves and the rest of the world. However, although I am not a huge fan of the current society, this behavior is something peculiar of the human beings, it has been always like that and it will always be. So, this is not a criticism of the modern society, the aim of these words appearing on this text is to try to come a bit closer to people we judge completely different from us, a way to reduce the gap between “us” and who we classify as unstable, precarious, which sometimes turn into freak!

24 March 2017

Organizing an Event

Most of us attended a meeting, workshop, conference or an event that brings people together. Yet only few get to look behind the scenes of event organization. A few months ago I had exactly that possibility when I have been organizing an event for the Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) at the University of Bristol, UK. My expectations and the result were different and surprised me in many ways. One thing is sure, it was a great experience and a lesson to learn.

Next week I will travel from Antwerp to Girona for the training course and meeting that we have within the project two times per year. Today, the majority of people would without thinking opt for the plane for such a trip. Cheap flight tickets have made Europe within reach for city weekends, one-day business meetings, and escalating emissions of greenhouse gases.