Three papers in three years, and at least one of them in a first quartile journal. That’s what me and my fellows are supposed to produce in return for being well-funded and pampered during the course of our PhD. However, publications are not only the way out of the doctorate, but are the measurement of scientific success today. In fact not only individual scientists, but also institutions, journals and of course papers are ranked according to their importance, partly reflecting the scientific community’s struggle to handle the ever increasing numbers of researchers and published papers [1]. For the rookie all these metrics can be confusing, so, here comes, as much for my colleagues in the project as for myself: an attempt to a guide to the most common ones.

My PhD project is spread across three countries and four institutions which often requires me to pack my livelihood into two bags and move to another place. And guess what, it makes my life an exciting experience. Life on the move is not romantically peachy, but it is one that right now I choose not to trade. The many moves changed me and shaped me to become, I choose to believe, a better person. Taking my stuff and planting it somewhere new is not always easy, however I will try to convince you that it is very much to consider.