22 December 2016

Belgian Specialty

If you are in Belgium, sitting in a pub, most likely you are holding a “beer menu” in your hands and you are reading very carefully all the different types of beer you can taste. If the pub is a good one, this choice may be very difficult. There are indeed plenty of beers covering a wide range of characteristics, you can have the sweet one, called Kriek, opting for something more sour, meaning a Lambic or a Gueuze, or choosing for the “big classic”, one of the thousand abbey/trappist beers. So, there is an entire world behind the “cold” statement : “Belgium is famous for beers!”… Actually an abbey beer is different from a trappist one, so in order to not underestimate the real value of this typical local product, we should all attend a course. And a single course, would never be enough.

16 December 2016

Halfway Through

I have the privilege to be writing this blog entry right after the third TreatRec meeting finished. As the title reads, we are halfway through the project (wait, what? Are you f*****g serious!!? – Yes, I am). And so, I want to dedicate this blog entry to all the TreatRec members and professionals I have come across so far, but especially to my dear project fellows.