It is Saturday the 26th of November, 19.00 pm and I find myself writing my next blog entry sitting on the tram 51 in Brussels. I am trying to arrive to my friend’s apartment to celebrate the Thanksgiving dinner. To be honest, it is the first time I am going to celebrate this American tradition. However, my friend comes from Canada so I suppose he is used to it. Apparently, besides Canada, this festivity is also common in US and some Caribbean islands and it was originally celebrated to give thanks for the blessing of the harvest of the preceding year. I believe this is the reason why they always prepare really large meals on this Day!

Last week I attended a Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) networking event at KU Leuven. The MCAA is an association for current and past researchers benefitting from funding through Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) and this event was organized by the MCAA BeNeLux chapter.

So far we looked at the causes of pollution as our intrinsic ability to create waste as a by-product of life and why the properties of certain pollutants like plastics or fine chemicals make them so useful yet dangerous for our planet. I promised you to finish on a positive note and to show that it is not all bad in the world of pollution control. It is time to take action and I invite you to look at the latest developments in the field together with me.

04 November 2016

To Love the Failure!

To fail! Nowadays we are surrounded by the myth of the efficiency. We are told that the “performance principles” is something we should ALWAYS keep in mind. This goes together with the meritocracy and the idea of “the more you get, the best you ore”. There could be some voice out of the choir saying something different, but they are basically overwhelmed by the western standards which are (they already have) invading the rest of the world as well. There is a narcissistic egoism which generates fights and conflict among us and the people around us, and these fight are mostly due to the self-success.