04 May 2016

ATC2 "Wastewater treatment innovative technologies for resource recovery" Successfully Ended

ATC2 "Wastewater treatment innovative technologies for resource recovery" Successfully Ended

The ATC2 organized by Aquafin successfully delivered a series of lectures, exercises and activities on the major topics in the wastewater industrial sector from 18th until 21st April 2016 in Antwerp, Belgium.

On the first day the physio-chemical properties of the aeration were covered in addition to the latest technological solutions and a practical demonstration of their properties at a waste water treatment site in Artselaar. The five fellows worked on a set of exercises connected to lab experiments to cement the knowledge.

On the next day they enjoyed a combined set of lectures on the sludge removal. These covered the thermodynamics of the processes, the latest developments in the technology of sludge control and novel solutions for the sludge treatment and reuse.

The module was followed by a comprehensive course on the theory and practice of innovation. The fellows discussed about the latest drivers, challenges and solutions of the applied research and took part in an idea building exercise directly related to our work projects.

The third day was reserved for practical exercises on a wastewater treatment site in Leuven. First the fellows got a theoretical insight into the importance and the complexity of the sewer system and took part in safety induction to be able to operate safe in those. They proceeded with a visit to the installations at the treatment site in Leuven, among these a novel struvite precipitation reactor, directly linked to the future of the TreatRec project. Then they enjoyed the practical experience of descending into a settling basin in the sewers near Leuven and experienced the technical challenges connected with the management of sewers.

On the fourth day the fellows presented their research projects to the participants of the project and highlighted the latest developments as well as the plan for the near future. We discussed the challenges and drivers of individual projects and came up with practical solutions. We concluded the course with a discussion on the planned activities to come and the management of the project. The next advanced training course on “Analysis, fate and behaviour of contaminants during wastewater treatment” will be held in November 2016 in Girona, Spain.