The Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) gathers researchers that are or have been benefitting from the European Commission’s Marie Curie mobility programme. This year, the annual meeting for the MCAA was held in Leuven, Belgium and TreatRec fellows Sara Johansson and Yaroslav Verkh attended the event.

TreatRec article published in Impact is now available, completely open access, on IngentaConnect. IngentaConnect is the world’s largest resource for scholarly publications.
The link to our article is HERE.

This time around, the advanced training course of the Treatrec project was held in the United Kingdom between 27th and 30th November. The first day included site visits to installations of Severn-Trent Waters, a utility company with over 1.5 million users in the UK. The Packington wastewater treatment facility introduced the guests to the novel technologies for the recovery of nutrients from wastewater. A subsequent visit to the Nottingham wastewater treatment plant, which treats wastewater corresponding to 650 000 people equivalents, presented the implementation of such technologies on large scale.

TreatRec fellow Pau Juan together with Ben Axelsen from Atkins, one of the TreatRec beneficiaries presented a poster titled Increasing resilence by engaging infrastructure interdependencies in urban water systems at the International Symposia for Next Generation Infrastructure 2017 in London on September 11-13 2017.

Pau is currently working at the Atkins on his secondments.

TreatRec fellow Pau Gimeno gave a presentation titled Incorporating model uncertainty into the evaluation of interventions to reduce microcontaminant loads in rivers at the 10th Micropol & Ecohazard Conference 2017 in Vienna, Austria on September 17-20 2017.

Pau is currently working at the Atkins in UK on his secondments.

22 August 2017

Third Publication

TreatRec's third publication "Incorporating model uncertainty into the evaluation of interventions to reduce microcontaminant loads in rivers" is now available online.

The paper is contributed by the ESR5 Pau Gimeno and TreatRec's supervisors Dr. Joaquim Comas, Dr. Jesús Colprim, Dr. Lluís Corominas and more.

TreatRec's second publication Phosphorus recovery through biologically induced precipitation by partial nitritation-anammox granular biomass is now available online.

The paper is contributed by the ESR3 Sara Johansson and her supervisors Maël Ruscalleda and Jesús Colprim.

TreatRec fellow Pau Gimeno presented a poster titled "Influence of uncertainty on decision-making for reduction of pharmaceuticals in rivers" at the SETAC Europe 27th Annual Meeting on May 7-11 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. Pau is currently working at the Aquafin in Antwerp on his secondments.

On May 23 2017 Luca Sbardella, one of the Early Stage Researchers of the TreatRec gave a presentation titled "Removal of Pharmaceuticals from WWTP Secondary Effluent with Biofilters" at the Frontiers International Conference on Wastewater Treatment in Palermo, Italy. Another TreatRec fellow Sara Johansson also presented a poster "Combining arammox with struvite precipitation for multi-nutrient recovery". From the TreatRec project A. Fenu, J. Comas and I. Rodriguez-Roda attended the conference and gave presentations.

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