Back in England

Bristol, UK Bristol, UK

In my meagre 29 years (almost) of life, I have moved house 9 times. That is 9 too many if you ask me. I hate it, with passion. But there is one little detail that sets this last time apart: it is my first time moving back to the same city in a foreign country.

Usually, you move to a foreign country for work or studies, then back home, then a new place, then back home, and so on. When you go abroad you discover new and exciting things. When you come home, you have all those things you grew up with and that only your mother land can give you. But I was going back to a foreign place where I had spent 14 months of my life, a “foreign home”.

Initially I was crestfallen. Although Bristol is one of my favourite cities ever, the massive change of routine that moving implies, especially in another country, is enough to stress anybody. However, the city has welcomed me back quite well. Finding a flat was no problem even while being in Spain; they even let me do the customary interview through Skype. My new flatmates have been nice and helpful, my favourite restaurant is still there and Gloucester Road is as picturesque as always. My group of friends was waiting for me, and the Harbour festival was about to start. I couldn’t ask for anything else!

And then I realized, there are things I was missing from this city, from this country. I don’t feel like a stranger anymore, I have two homes now. Who knows how much time I will spend in this city now, maybe 10 months, maybe much more. But however long it is, I know I will always carry a part of Bristol with me.